ABCO Cleaning Products, a manufacturer in sustainable cleaning tools, announced the opening of a new 125,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for injection molding in Choloma, Honduras. The production plant will support the development of cleaning tools like mop buckets, wringers, hand brushes, floor brushes, squeegees and more.

“Our fully vertically integrated process allows us to deliver the essential tools our customers need to uphold cleanliness, safety and sustainability in their facilities,” said Carlos Albir, president, ABCO. “We’re witnessing increased demand for high-quality solutions and this expansion will further strengthen our ability to help businesses meet higher standards of clean.”

Injection molding works by adding heated, liquid material into a pre-shaped mold, where it cools, hardens and takes the precise shape of the mold. ABCO uses injection molding to create a range of tools, many of them color coded for easy identification and use. Employees at the new plant will also create bristles for brooms and brushes using filament extrusion, which converts plastic pellets into filament wires.

Additionally, when customers purchase ABCO products manufactured in the new facility, prices will be unaffected by tariffs, and they will benefit from just a 4-day transit time from the plant to ABCO’s distribution center in Miami. The short lead time allows ABCO to respond to market demands more quickly and flexibly meet customers’ needs.

The facility is located across the street from another ABCO manufacturing plant, where employees repurpose textile waste into sustainably manufactured, Green Seal GS20 certified mop heads. The company is committed to green manufacturing processes, including diverting landfill waste and using recycled materials in its packaging.

“This opening solidifies our dedication to our customers, employees and the surrounding communities in Honduras,” added Albir. “With injection molding, we’re able to easily scale production to continue to meet the needs of our customers while also reinforcing our investment in Choloma, our second home.”

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