Essentials have gained a renewed importance worldwide: health, safety and environmental awareness became key in everyone’s day to day life.

Driven and inspired by Neolith’s core values, the brand presents its 2021 series: ESSENTIALS.

Whether in a home, restaurant or commercial setting, Neolith Essentials demonstrates how the company provides that essential element, balancing form and function through an ultra-hygienic, pure and timeless surface.

To maintain and reinforce its sustainability commitment, Neolith presents a new formulation with up to 90% recycled material in the composition of some of the models in the Essentials series.

Due to its incredible technical properties, such as its almost zero porosity and its resistance to a wide range of powerful cleaning products, Neolith is an ultra-hygienic and low-maintenance surface, perfect for use in both private and professional kitchens.

With the Essentials series, Neolith proposes the highest levels of food hygiene and safety for those who use its surfaces on a daily basis. To this end, these four new models incorporate a new technology against certain harmful bacteria, which can appear during essential activities such as raw food preparation and can pose a major health problem.

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