Armstrong Flooring, designer and manufacturer of innovative flooring solutions, announced the refresh of their homogeneous sheet collections Medintone and Medintech. Each collection is engineered for spaces demanding superior infection control, and features patented Diamond 10 Technology for category-leading scratch, stain, and scuff performance as well as enhanced traction for an added measure of safety.

Medintone Homogeneous Sheet
Medintone features a complete spectrum of soft tonal neutrals and bright pops of colors — 48 colors in all — perfect for orienting visitors and creating engaging environments.

Medintech Homogeneous Sheet
Medintech offers a calming color palette in reimagined neutrals, with 18 colors in all. To add visual interest, its uniform construction features contrasting chip colors for depth and movement.

“The new Medintone and Medintech collections offer a great variety of colors and patterns to meet new design trends,” says Yon Hinkle, vice president, product management. “Enhanced traction is an exciting new addition to these products. Diamond 10 Technology continues to be a no-polish, easy-to-clean solution that is designed to look beautiful for years to come, despite daily maintenance and rigorous disinfection protocols.”

Medintone and Medintech come with a 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty when installed in accordance with the recommended Armstrong Flooring adhesive and instructions. An additional 10 years of overall warranty coverage is available by using the Strong System collection of subfloor preparation products.

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