Universal Fibers is announcing the opening of the newly-expanded onsite Family Health Clinic though a partnership with CareTeam Corporate Health. Built with the intention of providing free health care services to company staff, this 1,000-square-foot facility contains a waiting area as well as the technology and equipment necessary for clinicians to deliver personalized primary, urgent, occupational health and disease management services. The onsite clinic is a zero-cost benefit available to both company associates and their family members.

With the expansion of Universal Fibers’ Bristol, Virginia facility to include state-of-the art care as well as an option to serve the families of employees, the company is strengthening its ongoing commitment to a safe and healthy workplace environment.

“I am so pleased to see the growth of our health care model to this next level of service and quality for our associates,” said Phil Harmon, president of Universal Fibers. “Rick Nunley has been instrumental in making this vision a reality. His leadership through this process has enabled us to provide a level of medical care and benefits to our employees and their families rarely seen in today’s workplace.”

Rick Nunley, Universal Fibers director of human resources said that access to personalized health care options is a superior employment benefit unique to Universal Fibers. “Our associates are our top priority,” said Nunley. “Our wellness model has served us well for many years, but our expansion of services will now provide associates access to primary, urgent, occupational health, disease management and a host of additional services, all in the onsite clinic at zero cost to them.” 

The opening of this Bristol, Virginia facility supports Universal Fibers’ commitment to investing in team members through creating a safe and healthy workplace environment. Access to care has always been a cornerstone of Universal Fibers’ vision to create a sustainable community; and investing in health care has been more than a years’-long process. Prior to the opening of this clinic, Universal Fibers provided employees access to an onsite nurse practitioner as a part of their growing health and wellness program.

Universal Fibers believes that success is not possible without its team members. While the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Family Health Clinic is a meaningful landmark, it will not mark the end of an ongoing, relentless mission to offer best-in-class health care to Universal Fibers employees. 

"Transforming healthcare is not a layup, it's not a short-term game, it's not easy, it doesn't happen overnight, and most importantly it can't happen in a vacuum,” said Sam Jones, CEO of CareTeam Corporate Health. “It requires an employer to have the vison that Universal Fibers has. We're happy and thrilled to be a part of bringing Universal Fibers’ vision to a reality. We look forward to a long, healthy, and prosperous relationship together."

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