After a year hiatus, Coverings 2021 opened in Orlando, Florida, this week to eager exhibitors and attendees. 

"It's really amazing to be out at the show," said Erica Puccio, chief of brand, Tile Bar, a New York-based tile retailer with a nationwide online presence. "I think that after the year that everyone has had, the idea of taking that first step, putting our foot in the water...being able to be a part of that is absolutely tremendous and amazing."

"It's been very nice to actually see people in person," said Brett Spencer, regional vice president, Western U.S., Laticrete. "We assumed it would be little quiet this year, but we thought it was important to get out and see people again."

"It's beautiful in here," said Sarah Williams, marketing director, IQ Powertools. "I love that they have taken the time—the carpet's down, the booths look excellent, and the layout is really great. The turnout so far is great—it's awesome to see the familiar faces that we haven't seen in a year an a half."

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