Carpet One Floor & Home has partnered with designer and author Vern Yip (TLC’s Trading Spaces) for an exclusive collection for the new pink ribbon welcome mat campaign.

Carpet One Floor & Home will introduce the new pink ribbon welcome mat design in stores and online in October as part of The Carpet One Welcomes Your Support campaign, which assists long-time charitable partner the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Through the sales of pink ribbon welcome mats, Carpet One Floor & Home supports BCRF in their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.

“I’m so excited about the six welcome mats I’ve designed for this year’s annual welcome mat campaign. It’s near and dear to my heart to raise both funds and awareness for those facing breast cancer,” said Vern. “I hope together we can make a huge difference.”

Vern is best- known for designing his way across America, knocking down walls and making over countless homes during four seasons on the original run of TLC’s Trading Spaces and over 10 years as one of HGTV’s most recognizable designers.

“We can’t wait for the release of this year’s new collection of welcome mat designs in collaboration with Vern Yip. Each mat was created with an eye for design and a heart full of appreciation and empathy for the individuals and families facing breast cancer,” said Terri Daniels, vice president of PR, social media and communications at CCA Global Partners.

The collection was designed by Vern and reflects his sources of inspiration:

Dog Mat

Design inspo: Where would many of us be without a dog to help manage our stress? Sometimes patting a dog’s head or scratching its belly is the best stress management tool some of us have. And their desire to unconditionally love us, even in the midst of a tough breast cancer battle, makes them great allies and family members for many.

Laurel Wreath

Design inspo: As one or our most recognized symbols for peace, the laurel wreath conveys the importance of harmonious living with each other and also within ourselves. Whether it’s a conflict-free home environment, or the establishment of an inner equilibrium, finding peace at home can be an invaluable and powerful tool in the breast cancer battle.


Design inspo: Home is where the most important moments of our lives with our friends and families often unfold. I truly believe that “There’s No Place Like Home,” especially when you’re faced with life’s big challenges like breast cancer. Having a place to call home, where you feel completely safe, loved, and supported, can make all the difference.


Design inspo: Anyone who has fought against cancer, or who has been on the front line helping a friend or family member in their fight, knows that mind and body are inextricably linked. Staying positive is often half the battle. Highlighting the phrase “Let the Sunshine In” really speaks to the critical difference that staying mentally strong and hopeful can make.


Design inspo: The quatrefoil is a timeless shape that’s been integrated throughout design and architecture for hundreds of years. As the coming together of four circles, it symbolizes unity and the power of a supportive community to make a difference, which is critical in the battle against breast cancer.

Tiger Stripe

Design inspo: Tiger stripes are the big trend in animal prints, showing up on fashion runways and now in the home. For this mat design, I wanted to provide a fashion-forward statement for all of the fashion conscious who are also supportive of the fight against breast cancer. For me, beauty, fashion, and trends have great power when they’re also socially purposeful!

With each mat sold, 25% of the purchase price will go to BCRF. In addition to the new welcome mat designs, Carpet One Floor & Home will be supporting BCRF with a social media campaign highlighting the importance of research. The campaign’s theme is “Research is the Reason” and ties in with the BCRF’s current storytelling campaign.

“This year breast cancer became the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, impacting more than 2.3 million people,” said Myra Biblowit, BCRF President and CEO. “The urgency and opportunity to end this life-threatening disease has never been greater. Through BCRF, our partners support groundbreaking science. We’re so grateful to Carpet One for their continued commitment to saving lives.”

All of Carpet One Floor & Home’s welcome mats are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, machine washable, and made in the USA. Welcome mats are available in participating Carpet One Floor & Home stores throughout the year.

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