The supply chain issues for LVT aren’t going away anytime soon, and the CCA Global product team is negotiating deals to help its members ensure they have product to sell.

“We’ve had unprecedented demand right now: we have a shortage of containers, shipping lanes are clogged up with all the products that consumers are spending their money on to buy right now,” said Charlie Dilks, chief product officer, CCA Global.

Due to the unprecedented growth of the category, the United States continues to rely on Asia supply, primarily from China, and some coming in from Cambodia and Vietnam.

“The challenge is going to be the LVT category is growing so quickly—in fact it’s going to be $7 billion by the end of this year," Dilks said. "Just two to three years ago it was a $2 to 2.5 billion category...It’s going to be tough over the next 12 months before we see the supply chain normalize a little bit. Part of the solution is to be made-in-the-U.S. LVT.”

CCA’s solution: sourcing supply from Shaw Floors, which has invested heavily in domestically LVT manufacturing and plans to expand capacity. Displays will arrive in CCA retail stores mid-October.

“If we can get our hands on some supply in the United States, that will alleviate some supply chain challenges we have,” Dilks noted.