LL Flooring shared more information about its partnership with the National Flooring Contractors Apprenticeship Program (NFCAP) at the annual Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) conference in Austin, Texas.

National retail LL Flooring will connect NFCAP apprentices across the country with participating flooring contractors who will mentor the flooring industry’s next generation of professional installers. LL will also be donating product, providing access to its website and marketing channels, advising on the curriculum, and providing direct financial support to grow the program.

LL Flooring is dedicated to serving its customers with a complete solution that includes both quality products and service, which is why the company is eager to dedicate resources to help build and train a new generation of high-quality installers and contractors who take pride in their craftsmanship, the company said.

A recent study found that the nationwide industry will see nearly 200,000 installers and contractors retire over the next few years.

“Installation services represent a core value we provide our customers, and we are excited to support future-facing programs like the NFCAP that are attracting and educating a new pool of installation talent,” said Damien McGaugh, senior vice president of sales at LL Flooring. “We have a broad LL network of professional installers and contractors who understand the importance of taking pride in quality craftsmanship, which we’re eager to foster in this upcoming generation.”

NFCAP is working with the Department of Labor and the National Job Corps to connect with vocational schools and training programs across the country, the goal being to reach interested young tradespeople and link them with an  LL Flooring contractor to get them on the track to certification. Currently the NFCAP has apprenticeships underway in California; additionally, the program is fully approved in Texas, and it’s on track for approval in Florida, Illinois, and Nevada.

According to NFCAP founder Carlos Mongalo—a second-generation flooring installer himself—the industry will benefit  from more consistent quality workmanship, which can be most effectively taught through apprenticeships.

With a network of highly skilled contractors, he’s eager for the opportunity to reexamine the training process and build the next generation of skilled installers.

“Working with a company like LL Flooring is a huge boost for our program, and we’re excited to see the networks of potential participating contractors building quickly across the country,” said Mongalo. “In addition to working toward their certifications, these apprentices have the opportunity to learn vital entrepreneurial skills from experienced pro contractors and installers. With support from LL Flooring and the Job Corps, we’re excited to be laying the groundwork for the upcoming generation of pro installers.”