When Honey Elixir Bar opened in Denver, Colorado, in late 2019, it welcomed patrons to a beautiful cafe-meets-cocktail concept. The warm, 1,100-square-foot space features sage green wall paneling, a velvet banquette and a glittering rhinoceros mosaic by Boulder, Colorado, artist Arrian Yves Wheeler. Another highlight of the space: reclaimed oak flooring and paneling by Pioneer Millworks. 

This reclaimed mix of Red and White Oak features hints of its original non-toxic black paint from its previous life as horse farm fencing deep in the grain. A blend of warm tones with varying lights and darks, you’ll find occasional knots and a modest price point on these single-width reclaimed planks.

According to AJ Henion, outside sales representative, Pioneer Millworks, UNUM collaborative out of Denver reached out for flooring that would work in a vintage space with a lot of different textures. 

They were looking for a flooring option that was durable enough for a high-traffic setting while bringing in warmth and character. The Black & Tan – Tan has just the beautiful grain pattern of oak and enough reclaimed characteristics like knots and original black paint remaining in deeper fissures. It makes the floors feel like they’ve been there for years even when just installed.”

This product is UL Greenguard Gold certified in unfinished engineered and engineered with a UV-nanocomposite finish.

For more information, visit pioneermillworks.com