Crossville's TilePlanner is a web-based, interactive application that allows users to design and plan the tile surfaces and furniture placement in rooms.

Users may work with templated floor plans or modify room dimensions to meet their custom specifications in creating designs that may be previewed in 2D or 3D. Maticad, renowned for its industry visualization technology, developed this new-to-the-market room planner, and Crossville opted to pilot the experience.

Crossville TilePlanner is simple to use and offers multiple capabilities.
▪ Customize the room’s floor plan using a template or inputting exact measurements.
▪ Drag and drop furniture into the space to achieve a desired layout.
▪ Select and apply Crossville tile collections to floors and walls.
▪ Modify and change until the design is the desired aesthetic.
▪ View in 2D or 3D.
▪ Save, print, and easily share unique designs.

While designing a space, users can switch view modes from layout (floor plan view) to 3D (3D room view) to 2D (frontal wall view). “With our digital tools, we’re empowering designers to create beautiful styles and easily share these design ideas with their customers,” said Lindsey Waldrep, vice president of marketing for Crossville.

Crossville’s other digital design tools include:
▪ Cross-Vision - Create, save, and print visualizations of wall and floor tile with Crossville stock environments.
▪ Pattern and Mosaic Builder – More than 100 tile patterns and mosaic layouts—simply pick a pattern, select what Crossville tiles to use, and learn how much to order of each tile.
▪ Cursive Pattern Visualizer - Create customized patterns with the wide range of colors and shapes of the innovative Cursive mosaic wall tile collection.

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