New in 2021, Starnet is presenting for the first time a new category award - the Canadian Project of the Year winners. The award recognizes the beautifully designed and exceptionally executed projects delivered by Starnet Members throughout Canada. Starnet congratulates all the nominees, and we celebrate the inaugural winners in the 2021 Starnet Design Awards Canadian Project of the Year category.

The Canadian Project of the Year Gold Winner was awarded to Beatty Floors, Ltd. for its work on G&F Financial Head Offices in Burnaby, British Columbia. After evolving from a small Fishermen’s Credit Union to a regional institution with 34,000 members and 16 locations, G&F Financial had clearly outgrown its corporate office. The decision was made to take the first step in finding and designing a new space, making the largest historical investment in the organization’s future.

Hoping to maintain its deep community roots in Burnaby, G&F succeeded in sourcing a commercial office tower within the recently completed Kings Crossing development. Designed for future growth, the bright space would become functional and inspiring. Gone was the cramped, outdated office and boxed-in layouts of the past, replaced instead with a holistic design concept of flexibility that encourages collaboration between partners and departments.

The Silver Canadian Project of the Year was awarded to Starnet Member Couvre-Planchers Labrosse, Inc. for the company’s work at Alithya located in Montreal, Quebec.

The Bronze in Canadian Project of the Year was awarded to Starnet Member Antex Western, Ltd. for the company’s work at Chemistry West Laboratory Renovation, U of A in Edmonton, Alberta.

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