Mohawk Group is in support of efforts to gain Virginia Scenic River status for the full length of the Maury River. Currently, only part of the Maury River has the scenic river designation. If these initiatives are successful, the portion of the river adjacent to Mohawk Group’s Glasgow plant will receive that status. As a Living site, Mohawk is committed to protecting the ecosystems surrounding its Glasgow facility.

“Mohawk is committed to making a positive impact on our communities and employees,” said Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s vice president of marketing, design, and product development. “We respect nature and have a drive to constantly seek improvements for the planet. We support the effort to secure the Virginia Scenic River designation for the full length of the Maury River.”

Founded in 1970, The Virginia Scenic Rivers Program strives to identify and protect rivers with significant scenic, historic, recreational, and natural values. Since its founding, the program has helped achieve the state scenic river designation on more than 700 river miles. 

The Maury River is the only Virginia river that begins and ends in one county – Rockbridge. In 2018, the section of the James River running through Rockbridge received official designation through the General Assembly. In 2020, the upper portion of Maury River, from the confluence at Goshen Pass to Beans Bottom, also gained approval. The current initiative behind the Maury River will bring the lower part of the river, from Beans Bottom to Glasgow, into the Virginia Scenic River status.

Support for the Maury River initiative aligns with Mohawk Group’s Waterways Project, its landmark effort to protect and preserve rivers and their ecosystems. The Waterways Project explores the connection between river health and human health, journeying through new products, technologies, and initiatives that help improve understanding of rivers.

“Rivers significantly impact us all,” explained Dettmar. “At Mohawk Group, we are committed to giving back to these waterways.”

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