Homeowners are seeking a spa-like feel and premium features in their bathroom remodels, according to findings from the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

Spend 3X Higher for “Major” Renovations: The median spend for bathroom projects was $8,000. Those doing a major bathroom renovation, which includes a shower upgrade, spent three times more on their renovation than those undertaking a minor renovation ($15,000 versus $5,000, respectively). The median spend for a major remodel of both small and large bathrooms increased by 20% and 6%, respectively, from the previous year.

Homeowners Seek Spa Feel: Two in 5 homeowners report using their renovated bathroom for rest and relaxation (41%). Top features that help with relaxation include cleanliness, a lack of clutter, dimmable lighting and greenery (68%, 63%, 38% and 19%, respectively). In fact, nearly one-third of homeowners add greenery to their bathroom while renovating (32%), because they find that plants are aesthetically pleasing, create a calming environment and purify the air (88%, 64% and 34%, respectively).

Marble Floors on the Rise: Similar to shower flooring trends, more homeowners renovating their bathrooms are turning to marble this year, increasing from 10% to 13% for flooring outside the shower and from 4% to 6% for non-shower walls. Natural stone remains in third position, with 25% and11% choosing it for flooring and walls outside the shower area, respectively.

Patterned Accent Walls: Pattern is one of the top distinguishing features for renovated accent walls, with 50% of renovators opting for each. That’s an increase of 8 percentage points from last year for pattern. Those two features are followed by color (41%) and texture (31%).

Ceramic and Porcelain Showers: Ceramic or porcelain is still the favorite material for shower walls among homeowners renovating walls and floors inside the shower, though the percentage of people choosing it for flooring dropped 4 points (to 52%) versus a year ago, in favor of marble, which increased 4 percentage points, to 17%. Fewer people are choosing granite for shower flooring and walls (4% and 6%, respectively, down 2 percentage points each). Slate declined in popularity for flooring only, with 4% choosing it.

Modern Style Gains in Popularity: Among homeowners renovating their bathroom, nearly 9 in 10 opt for a style change (88%). Modern, transitional and contemporary styles continue to be neck and neck in popularity, with modern remaining the top renovation style (20%). Transitional has inched contemporary out of the No. 2 position this year (19% and 18%, respectively). Farmhouse style is holding steady at 5%.

Premium features in the Bathroom: More than three-quarters of homeowners incorporate premium features into their bathtubs and showers (79% and 74%, respectively). Top premium features for the bath include soaking tubs, space for two and silent whirlpool baths (68%, 19% and 9%, respectively), while premium shower upgrades include rainfall shower heads, dual showers, body sprayers and thermostatic mixers (55%, 23%, 16% and 13%, respectively).

Demand for General Contractors Jumps: Homeowners increasingly turned to professionals for help with projects this year (84%, up from 82% in 2020). Significantly more homeowners hired a general contractor this year than last year (49% versus 43%). Hiring also increased for bathroom remodelers, bathroom designers and interior designers (22%, 14% and 11%, respectively, in 2021, versus 20%, 12% and 9% percent, respectively, in 2020).

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