While architects, designers and facilities managers may be less eager to travel, Mannington Commercial has opted to bring new products and innovations to them.

The manufacturer is delivering solutions to the A&D community through the Mannington Mobile Showroom, which is on a 13-week tour hitting destinations around the country through October 27.

"Our leadership team felt like this was a creative, different element that would allow us see people in environments that they felt comfortable," said Whitney LeGate, vice president-commercial LVT, Mannington Commercial. "We feel like we've seen more people than we would have maybe otherwise, and maybe a different group that we wouldn't have been able to see before."

The 44-foot truck is custom-outfitted with Mannington Commercial product and showcases new flooring designs, technologies and solutions for commercial specifiers. Supply chain issues and tight construction timelines have design pros seeking domestic products that can help keep projects moving—without sacrificing style, quality and durability, LeGate said.

One of those solutions is Mannington's Amtico Active Lines collection, a domestically made product that makes it simple to customize flooring with 112 possible running line combinations of styles, base colors and accent colors, all of which can be mixed or used independently for a completely tailored floor.

"Because the accent colors are digitally printed, designers can also create a fully custom accent color that perfectly matches a project’s branding or palette," LeGate added.

Another highlight is Mannington Commercial’s Legato Liquid Linoleum, which harnesses the benefits of traditional linoleum and sheet vinyl. Legato can be installed across many segments that require the benefits of infection control, slip resistance, and sound dampening—including healthcare, government, education, retail and assisted living applications.

"This product has an amazing environmental story, and we have whole installation team that can help with installation," LeGate said.

For soft surface, the company showcased The Case for Silence, a two-style collection that brings dynamic and grounded energy to a space, and Swell, a four-style collection that each come in five colors.

For more information, visit manningtoncommercial.com