Mohawk Group introduces Creative Terrain homogenous vinyl tile. The terrazzo-inspired visuals are constructed in 18” x 36” format with color selections specifically curated for healthcare, education and office environments. The collection offers a color-coordinated base and accent color rods that act as decorative design elements while maintaining durability.  

“Our goal was to create a product line that doesn’t require a sacrifice of superior durability or visualization,” said Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s vice president of marketing, design and product development. “For high traffic areas, Creative Terrain is the perfect flooring for both reliability and aesthetics.” 

Without a lamination or wear layer, Creative Terrain is 100% homogenous construction from top to bottom, allowing the product to be buffed and refinished. It also has excellent dimensional stability with a high load rating of 2,500 PSI. 

Made in the USA, Creative Terrain is sustainable with no detectable VOC emissions. With its micro-squaring technology, Creative Terrain’s tighter joins reduce water seeping through the seams to enhance sanitation.  The collection also features a simple two-step initial maintenance treatment to ensure optimal visuals and performance, so the floors look better for longer. To streamline the initial maintenance process, Mohawk Group ships all required materials for setup with each order. 

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