AHF Products has partnered with distributors across the country to represent the company’s newly expanded and comprehensive commercial flooring portfolio. These relationships expand the company’s ability to effectively respond to the needs of commercial customers in key geographies.

AHF Products is the largest U.S. wood flooring manufacturer as well as a key player in vinyl plank flooring, laminate and commercial flooring products. The AHF Contract Portfolio includes homogeneous sheet, heterogeneous sheet, inlaid heterogeneous sheet, LVT, commercial hardwood and new vinyl based tile (VBT).

“Aligning ourselves with strong partners in distribution is essential to our growth across our business, and this is especially true for the commercial segment,” said Chris King, vice president-sales, AHF Products. “Our distribution partners offer local stock, sales, marketing and logistical support. For A&D customers and commercial contractors, they provide reliability and relationships, and importantly, a team that is dedicated to commercial customers in a specific region of the country.”

The new VBT from AHF Products offers lower maintenance and lifecycle costs versus traditional VCT tile, with colors developed specifically for commercial environments. A high performing 20-mil commercial wear layer is topped with AHF’s innovative Urethane Plus finish. The 2.5-mm-gauge construction provides a solid, durable and stable floor that withstands heavy rolling loads, is extremely resistant to scratches and stains and offers excellent scuff and slip resistance.

“Commercial customers have said they like the coloration and love the premium chip visual of the new VBT product,” said Jennifer Zimmerman, vice president resilient.  “Distributors give high marks to AHF Products for continuing our practice of asking the marketplace what it wants and delivering products that meet this need.”

All vinyl plank and tile structures offer unique advantages which support commercial space requirements and installation preferences without sacrificing design. All offer a 20-mil commercial wear layer, as well as a 15-year commercial warranty. The coating on the plank and tile products also contains Cleantivity protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, lowering maintenance efforts and costs.

“Here, we’re driving a performance story with an ease of cleaning and anti-scratch, anti-stain and antimicrobial story with great designs and best-in-class industry performance,” said Zimmerman.

The AHF Products’ vinyl sheet line is designed for light commercial, multi-family and manufactured housing installations. – 2.0 mm gauge construction which provides a solid durable, and stable floor and withstands heavy rolling loads. It is also environmentally responsible – 100% virgin vinyl, with no phthalates or heavy metals. These floors are ideal for use in healthcare, assisted living, education, corporate, hospitality, retail and institutional interiors. The same designs, including wood, linen and stone visuals, are offered in multiple constructions so that the customer can select a look in the construction that best suits their needs, making it easy to find the right flooring for any contract space.

“Our customers benefit from AHF’s size, resources, design leadership and flooring expertise, particularly in helping them grow the commercial flooring business, and the extra benefit of working with a one-stop-shop,” said King.