As the virtual art experience continues to grow, award-winning international firm Oppenheim Architecture returns to showcase its second digital gallery space for the exhibition Again, Working Yesterday, debuting 10 new pieces from artist Michelle Grabner, directed by Anne Mosseri-Marlio. The gallery, designed by the traditionally brick-and-mortar architecture studio, was created to provide the ultimate immersive online experience that captures the natural abundance of space and lighting of an in-person gallery.

Each painting and sculpture is brought to life through the use of photometry and visualization technologies provided in partnership with the architectural visualization agency The Boundary. Notably, the virtual gallery features a range of three-dimensional, multimedia works, which guests can experience in 360 thanks to the space's innovative architecture. Through the use of a keyboard, touch screen, or computer mouse, guests are able to freely wander and explore the art and the remarkable detail of each piece from different distances and angles.

The digital gallery consists of two parts: the main gallery and “The Space.” The main gallery is where the work of Michelle Grabner is displayed, showcasing her thirty-year dedication to repetition and pattern painting. Each piece is placed meticulously and provides up-close and detailed inspection of each painting individually, creating a peaceful atmosphere that is palpable. The Space, created by Oppenheim Architecture, features a library setting in Andermatt, in the Swiss Alps, and a Grabner painting that adds to the contemplative atmosphere and mountain setting. 

 The online viewing room was designed by Oppenheim Architecture, with user interface and visual effects by The Boundary. The gallery is currently open to visitors and is displaying the exhibition Again, Working Yesterday.

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