Feizy Rugs announced that its Las Vegas showroom will now be open to visitors year-round. Starting January 10, 2022, the showroom  (Building C; Space 180) will be available to visit Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Through a showroom management partnership with Vanguard furniture, sophisticated rug enthusiasts can now browse elegantly fine rugs during every season.

"The commitment to Las Vegas and Western design communities fills a previous gap in our showroom portfolio, firmly anchoring our presence in the East, Midwest and now West," said Justin Yeck – vice president of sales, marketing, development and design.

The expansive Feizy showroom boasts 15,000 square feet and features a host of elegant collections throughout. Whether searching for residential or commercial statement pieces, Feizy’s clients will discover an eclectic array of styles, textures, and colorations to fit any aesthetic. Typically open only during market, visitors will now have weekday access all year long to stunning debut and existing Feizy collections by contacting our new showroom manager, Nicole Petropoulos, who will be working year-round out of the Vanguard showroom (Building A, Space 132).

For more information, visit feizy.com