As the trends in tile change, so do the colors for grout. 

To complement new architectural designs seen throughout the industry today, Laticrete has refreshed the color offerings within their Grout and Sealant product lines. Inspired by the environment, the new Laticrete grout color palette has been categorized into three themes; Natural, Earthy and Coastal.

Laticrete will discontinue seven of the 40 standard colors and introduce seven popular, in-demand colors. The new grout and sealant colors include: Stormy Grey, Frosty, Fossil, Mink, Steamship, Iron and Walnut. All of the new color offerings will be available within the following Grout and Sealant product lines: Permacolor, Permacolor Select, Spectralock Pro Grout, Spectralock Pro Premium Grout, Spectralock 1 Pre-Mix Grout, Ready-to-Use Grout, Latasil and Premium Acrylic Caulk Sanded.

The discontinued colors will remain available through the Permacolor Select AnyColor program, offering over 10,000 custom color options.

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