With undetectable volatile organic compounds, Cali's hybrid hardwood-rigid core planks were the right fit for Mike Bender—screenwriter and creator of Awkward Family Photos—in his quest to create a home that would best support significant health struggles due to Lyme disease. The resulting Santa Barbara “quiet home” features everything from advanced ventilation and whole-house water filtration to specialized wiring that blocks problematic electromagnetic fields. Bender shares his story in the March 2022 issue of Men’s Health.

Cali GeoWood is a hybrid floor which layers actual hardwood (bamboo, oak or maple) over a waterproof core made of compressed limestone composite. The SPC core allows for faster, easier installation and more stable, water-resistant planks. The Cali team is proud to have earned recognition of the collection as one that is also highly safe for homes with kids, pets, and those with health issues.

“It’s increasingly common for companies to slap an ‘eco-friendly’ sticker on a product and say it’s the responsible choice," said Cali President Doug Jackson. "But there is a massive amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes at Cali to truly back that claim up with facts. Knowing that our flooring has met the demands of legitimate green building experts and helped customers live healthier lives is both thrilling and humbling.”

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