Mohawk Group has released seven Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) highlighting its most sustainable products and processes to date. EPDs are comprehensive reports disclosing a product’s environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle and are third-party certified by UL and based on international standards.

Mohawk Group’s EDPs cover four commercial carpet tile platforms and three commercial LVT platforms. These latest EPDs generate the largest selection of soft and hard surface flooring options with a net-positive carbon impact.

“Getting these product-specific EPDs published help our customers reach their sustainability imperatives for the built environment,” said Jackie Dettmar, vice president of commercial marketing and product development. 

The newly released EcoFlex One is Mohawk Group’s lowest embodied carbon carpet product to date. EcoFlex One is lighter than other cushioned tiles, contains at least 10% post-consumer content, and is manufactured in Mohawk’s Living Site in Glasgow, Virginia. 

EcoFlex One is just one of the many products that reveal the success of these initiatives, the company said. Mohawk Group released its first product-specific EPDs for their domestic commercial LVT. These products are made in the USA at the closed-loop facility in Dalton, Georgia, and boast 100% mass allocated post-industrial recycled content. In addition to making reductions through increased recycled content and manufacturing efficiency, Mohawk Group’s LVT is part of their Beyond Carbon Neutral program, which reduces more carbon than it generates throughout its supply chain and manufacturing.