More “dreams come true” moments are made on Mohawk. Sunshine on a Ranney Day selected SolidTech for its latest dream bedroom makeover for 12-year-old Madison. An Atlanta-based nonprofit founded in 2012, Sunshine on a Ranney Day reimagines and builds custom rooms for children with special needs. 

“We couldn't complete these necessary, life-changing makeovers without the support of our partners and donors,” said Joe Lane, executive director, Sunshine on a Ranney Day. “Mohawk has been a fantastic partner for our makeovers for years, and they're always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the flooring that is selected by our professional designers is going to be the best fit for our kids and their families.”

“Mohawk has been a proud partner of Sunshine on a Ranney Day since 2013, providing innovative flooring, such as SolidTech, for bedrooms, accessible bathrooms and therapy rooms,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of marketing, hard surface. “Every child deserves a bedroom that fits them and their needs perfectly – a room that provides independence and the ability to dream. Seeing Madison’s face light up on reveal day showed that Sunshine on a Ranney Day created a space for just that.”

SOARD Madison Reveal Image 2.JPGTwelve-year old Madison (aqua t-shirt) pictured in her new dream bedroom makeover. Photo: Mohawk.

Known for her strength and determination, Madison has defied odds since her traumatic birth. After an emergency c-section and NICU stay, she was later diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, chronic lung disease and apraxia, among other conditions. When starting this dream makeover, Sunshine on a Ranney Day knew Mohawk would be the perfect partner to provide flooring that is as tough and resilient as Madison.

“SolidTech was an ideal fit for Madison’s bedroom because of its style and durability,” continued Arnold. “SolidTech combines the beauty of hardwood and the waterproof durability of luxury vinyl flooring. Because it offers 100 percent waterproof performance, stain and scratch protection and dent resistance, SolidTech can handle every memory Madison and her family make on it moving forward.” 

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