HMTX Industries announced a new structure for its origin-side supply chain operations team based in Shanghai, China. The restructuring will enhance the company’s customer-first mentality by heightening the booking and shipping information flow for customers as they manage the majority of all of HMTX’s global shipment, the company said in a statement.

“To run a global organization, you need a strong global team,” said HMTX Chief Supply Chain Officer Brian Greene. “We have one of the best, and these changes ensure that we are aligned to support the organizational growth of the future. It gives our team clear direction while providing career paths and continued learning opportunities so that we stay ahead of the changing environment of the global supply chain. I could not be prouder of this team and look forward to the added value that will result from this streamlined structure.”

The newly restructured HMTX Shanghai supply chain team includes: Jacky Xing, senior supply chain manager, who will lead the supply chain team; Summer Lu, supply chain manager and Jennifer Lu, supply chain specialists who will assist Xing in managing HMTX’s growing global business; Supply Chain Coordinators Tina Yang, Miya Xia and Anita Tang, who will manage the information flow for HMTX’s robust global supply chain.

“They work tirelessly and without much fanfare to keep our organization moving product to our customers around the world," Greene added.