On June 29, 2022, Armstrong Flooring released the following statement regarding the company's Chapter 11 process: 

Armstrong Flooring held an auction with interested parties to acquire all or various parts of our business on June 27. Pending the conclusion of the auction the Debtors' identified a lead bidder for Australia and China, both of which exceeded the starting bids following multiple rounds of bidding at the auction. After multiple days of talks and negotiations with interested parties, auctions for our North American assets and the entire company as a whole have been adjourned as the Company works to seek higher and better bids. The auction is set to resume on Tuesday, July 5 to allow for additional time and align with the Court’s availability. We do not intend to share the details of bids or bidders beyond what is required by the Bid Procedures order. The Company will provide an update as there is substantive news to share.