Välinge participated in the annual Global DIY Summit June 8-10 in Bella Celnter in Copenhagen, Denmark. The summit is an event for retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement industry ­– a platform to meet and exchange views of current and future developments within the global market. 

“This global event provides a great platform for Välinge to share know-how and expertise about our different technologies," said Andreas Nilsson, key account manager, Välinge Innovation. "We are very satisfied with our participation and are already looking forward to next year’s summit."

The company said its primary goal was to inform leading retailers and manufacturers of the importance of choose the most suitable locking system for their product and to introduce them to Välinge’s good, better, best technologies, such as 2G Angling, 5G-i Push Down and 5G Fold Down.

Recent trend reports show that the e-commerce within the do-it-yourself market is rapidly growing which is inevitably leading to an increased demand of easy-to-install-products for consumers. 

“With our Liteback technology you will add even more advantages to a product. It reduces the product weight with 20% which translates into savings in shipping costs, more efficient home delivery, easier to handle and a smaller environmental footprint," Nilsson said.

Välinge said it aims to offer support to all clients throughout the value chain. The company urges retailers and manufacturers to involve the expertise and know-how from the company at an early stage.

“Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution and different variables such as design, formats and thickness impact the installation experience, Välinge offers guidance and advise to improve and simplify all steps from product design to development and implementation of a new product range," Nilsson said.