Schönox HPS North America, Inc., and Floorcloud announced a partnership to provide flooring professionals with introductory opportunities to use Graco pumps and Floorcloud technology on large-scale projects at no cost. The collaboration allows installers and contractors the chance to experience Schönox’s pump program and the Floorcloud technology platform on real-world projects.

“Schönox’s primary points of focus include hands-on technology, training, and service, making the relationship with Floorcloud to provide the pump program and monitoring technology a strategic connection and opportunity for flooring professionals nationwide,” said Thomas Trissl, principal, Schönox HPS North America. “Floorcloud equips busy flooring contractors with the ability to monitor and communicate the real-time environmental and site conditions they face with project stakeholders so everyone understands the criteria influencing project success.”

The Schönox pump program gives installers and contractors access to a Graco pump and a Schönox technical expert for two days, pairing large-scale, self-leveling projects with training and expanded business opportunities. Flooring professionals experience the time-savings, skilled-labor optimization, and enhanced project outcomes first hand, using Schönox and Graco pumps.

“This partnership puts Schönox’s high performance self-leveling compounds and the Floorcloud monitoring platform in the hands of flooring pros, giving them great opportunities to test drive these technologies,” said Scott Banda, co-founder and president, Floorcloud. “Just as Schönox has seen outstanding adoption of its subfloor products and pump systems via this program, we believe participants will quickly see the Floorcloud benefits, combining Schönox and Floorcloud for greater project success.”

The Floorcloud mobile, desktop and sensor technologies allow contractors to monitor, communicate and store essential jobsite, product and environmental data, while also capturing project photos and notes across process steps. The highly intuitive platform utilizes 4G cellular-enabled climate sensors and a proprietary product specification database of leading flooring industry brands.

“Floorcloud now connects manufacturers and contractors in a way they never experienced, enabling project stakeholders to take corrective actions quickly to help prevent failures from occurring in the first place,” said Patrick Mullins, co-founder and executive vice president, Floorcloud.

“Floorcloud equips flooring contractors with the ability to see jobsite environmental conditions in real time comparing those conditions to manufacturers’ technical data information using the mobile and desktop Floorcloud platforms,” added Ryan Bassett, product support specialist, Schönox HPS North America. “Subfloor projects, especially those of larger scale, need the advantages Floorcloud provides, reducing risks, enhancing project performance and providing a central location to document all details; we are delighted to take this step forward with Floorcloud to further support flooring professionals.”

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