Floorcloud, a technology platform developed to improve jobsite quality control, has partnered with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to add hardwood acclimation monitoring to its software. The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) calculator will help flooring installers and contractors determine if the hardwood flooring is acclimated for that specific jobsite at that exact time. 

"We know people will place the wood onsite and leave it there for a period of time to acclimate," said Scott Banda, co-founder and president, Floorcloud. "This gives you the assurance that before you put the wood in that it's acclimated."

How It Works

Within the Floorcloud app, select the type of wood that is being installed. You still have to manually use a Tramex or Wagner pin meter and take a moisture content reading on the boards themselves. You enter those readings into the mobile app which then produces an average. Hit "go," and the software takes the last ping of ambient temperature and humidity, factoring in the moisture content in the board. 

There is a map of the country with each region's moisture levels pre-loaded into the software. Select your region. The pre-programmed moisture levels for that region will come up. Hit "go," and the software will indicate whether or not the moisture content is in or out of spec. If the readings are red, hold off until the wood is fully acclimated. If the readings are in the green, that indicates you can proceed with the install. 

"We are refining this all the time," said Banda.

The Floorcloud team is working with manufacturers to ensure that the data in their database is accurate. 

December 1 is the planned official launch of the new technology. 

For more information, visit floorcloud.com.