Välinge Flooring announced it has introduced a next-generation collection of rigid core flooring to the North American market, featuring the company's innovative technologies and 30 years of experience in flooring. Designed in Sweden with the look and feel of a luxurious wood floor, this product is targeted to residential and commercial markets – without the premium cost.

"The launch of our rigid core collection is an opportunity to show the market the extensive advantages our groundbreaking innovations and the valuable impact they can have on a rigid core product," said Ben Goodman, business development manager at Välinge North America Inc. "We simply wish to encourage other companies to apply our technologies to their own rigid core flooring to maximize value and performance."

The Rigid Core Collection from Välinge Flooring consists of 9"x72" XL size panels in eight decors featuring Embossing in Register. Patented innovations create floor that consumers don't have to worry about: the 5G Dry locking system provides a fast, strong and easy fold-down installation system and also offers a unique, watertight joint; and the patented 5G Climb technology allows the flooring to be installed up the walls – by just adding a plastic clip. 

Also featured in this collection is the revolutionary Liteback technology, which provides for up to 20% recovery of raw materials in manufacturing, reducing the weight of the floor and, as a result, significantly decrease the supply chain carbon footprint. Furthermore, the lighter weight means the panels are easier – and safer – to both transport and install. This unique production method successfully imbues the floor with noise-cancelling properties and combined with the high-quality IXPE attached to the backside of the product, noise absorption is further optimized leading to a much-improved sound environment. 

“We are truly excited to be introducing the Välinge Flooring Rigid Core Collection and to finally be able to offer customers the possibilities to have stunning floors without giving up on experience and appearance, sustainability, durability or even project budget," Goodman said. 

For more information, visit valingeflooring.com.