Two of Taylor Adhesives products are now available in new user-friendly sizes.

Resolute, Taylor's one-step, elastomeric adhesive for resilient flooring installations, now comes in two sizes: a 2-gallon resealable pail and a new 4-gallon resealable pail. The larger size allows installers to double the coverage out of one pail instead of handling two.

It has unlimited moisture protection (porous slab) and cost savings potential. No moisture or pH tests are required and no sub-slab moisture barrier is required. Plus, Resolute has topical liquid resistance (water, spills, etc.) and creates a permanent, waterproof bond.

Taylor’s Edge-Lock carpet edge-sealing glue is available in an 8-ounce squeeze bottle to make it easier to use. 705 Edge-Lock is designed to prevent carpet edge unraveling and seal cut edges to prepare them for hot-melt and glue-down seaming. This synthetic latex blend is easy-to-use, fast drying, and has blacklight tracers to verify proper application.

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