HMTX Industries, one of the world’s largest luxury flooring enterprises, announced that the company has merged its Aspecta BV and Vertex Floors go-to-market strategies into a new division: HMTX Global. Instead of the current separate brand, sales strategies, and market operations, as of October 1, 2022, HMTX Global sales and marketing teams will promote all brands and OEM solutions equally. This migration was designed to unite HMTX’s business units and people through collaboration and a sense of family.

Oud Gastel, The Netherlands, will serve as HMTX Global Headquarters, from which all sales and marketing activities will continue to take place, and will be led by HMTX Global President Marcel Kies.

"The move to HMTX Global reflects how the Aspecta B.V. and Vertex subsidiaries have progressed and grown immensely within their regions of business, as the HMTX Industries name and brand continue to grow globally in strength and stature," Kies said. "The creation of the HMTX Global sales division will lead to significant efficiency gains in organizational and global supply chain operations and simplified communications. Moreover, the new sales structure will enable us to achieve our growth objectives planned for the coming years.”

HMTX Global sales division will remain focused on the commercialization of its Aspecta and Allurebrands as well as offering its OEM and private label solutions.

The HMTX Global registered trade name will serve as a “doing business as” (DBA) name of Aspecta B.V., filed under number 000030018595.

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