HMTX Industries announced that the company has merged its Teknoflor and Aspecta commercial flooring brands’ North American go-to-market strategies into HMTX Commercial. HMTX Commercial’s Teknoflor and Aspecta sales and marketing teams will represent both brands collaboratively within the new North American business unit. 

The Teknoflor brand has a broad reach within healthcare but is also relevant for hospitality, retail, and other projects, while Aspecta, which is known for hospitality, can also be specified for numerous other markets. By uniting under one umbrella from business, financial, and marketing perspectives, HMTX Commercial will eliminate go-to-market redundancies while maintaining the identity and integrity of each brand. It will also leverage the same distribution, customer service, and sampling services across both brands.

According to HMTX Commercial President Jeff Collum, the new business unit will align the power and global reach of HMTX Industries to create synergies among its two already strong commercial brands to cross-target a broader range of commercial markets.

“Joining Aspecta under the HMTX Commercial umbrella allows our brand to maintain its identity while offering a wider range of choices to our clients, for example, hospitality and retail," said Nicolette Grieco, vice president, sales, Teknoflor. "The Teknoflor/Aspecta products packaged together allow designers to select flooring from one point of contact, with one maintenance routine, providing one warranty and at the same time offering them endless design possibilities.” 

“Our customers can now choose from a multitude of styles and constructions that will fit their myriad of design and performance needs – from resilient sheet vinyl and chlorine-free flooring to glue-down and rigid core LVT," said Kendra Mahen, vice president, sales, Aspecta. "Now, architects and designers can also benefit from bundled packaging of the product and improved pricing."

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