Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, is building on its legacy stone mosaic tile patterns with a range of new blends for Fall 2022. The launch reflects Island Stone’s design aesthetic with a diverse selection of unique stones and blends in several of its most popular stone mosaic patterns—Cobbles, Level Pebble, Perfect Pebble, Spindrift Marble and Random.

The new blends comprise:

For Cobbles, a mosaic tile combining the organic elegance of natural stone pebbles with a smooth, flat surface, the new blend “Astoria” brings warmth to a greyscale palette with the addition of subtle beige pebbles. Astoria is a timeless blend, making it a perfect choice for most interior or exterior living spaces.

Level Pebble, a pebble pattern sliced to a uniform thickness, adds four new on-trend blends: “Citrine,”a warm, golden hue mixing quartz with beige-toned stones; “Sea Salt,” which also includes the warm tones of quartz but in a more dramatic greyscale color palette; and “Savannah” and “Sepia,” which celebrate warm earthy blends, embracing the greige palette by melding grey and beige stones to round out the color offering.

Perfect Pebble is Island Stone’s flagship natural pebble mosaic featuring stones handpicked for ideal size, color, and flatness while offering an impeccably smooth surface. This line expands with three new blends: “Cloudburst,” a subtle grey tone blend; “Sepia,” a warmer blend mixing grey and beige stones that embrace the popularity of a greige palette; and “Juniper,” which brings a lighter alternative to the popular Java Grey blend by adding light beige pebbles into the mix.

In the Random and Large Random mosaic patterns, which consist of irregular shaped and sized stones, three new blends are available: “Astoria,” with subtle beige warming the greyscale palette; “Island Mist,” featuring subtle grey color movement and striated veining; and “Kalahari,” fusing the warm tones of quartz with a more dramatic grey and beige color palette.

Spindrift Marble, a modern interpretation of honed marble mosaic with the striking organic style of stone pebbles, expands to include four new stone types: “Crystal White” captures the beauty of a soft white marble with subtle hints of crystallized quartz; “Island Mist” introduces a new marble with subtle white-to-grey color movement and striated veining; “Peppercorn, ” a combination of soft whites peppered with varying grey tones, providing a dramatic choice when designing a one-of-a-kind installation; and “Volcano Grey,” the most versatile of the new stones, featuring a beautiful combination of rich greys and taupe to add warmth to any residential and commercial installation.

Each of the new blends was carefully selected to harmonize with Island Stone’s Glass Essentials glass tile and Nomad ceramic tile collections to offer a more comprehensive design package.

“As the only U.S. distributor that owns its factory based in Indonesia, we have the unique ability to respond to today’s design trends by mixing materials from around the world to create blends that naturally lend themselves to on-trend commercial and residential projects,” said Island Stone CEO Nigel Eaton. “Island Stone is committed to offering uniquely designed products that are proven and timeless. Coordinating color between the patterns was a crucial criterion to successfully broaden the appeal of using our most popular mosaics in a greater range of projects.”

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