Hardwood flooring company PID Floors hosted Environmental Roundtable Discussion 2022 at its flagship showroom in New York, New York, where a multidisciplinary panel of experts shared a spirited conversation about the environment and sustainability in the hardwood flooring, architecture, and design industries.

Participants included John Forbes, NWFA; Keith Christman, Decorative Hardwoods Association, formally HPVA; Dana Cole, Hardwood Federation, Joseph Klaynberg, Wonder Works; Anna Laura Bariletti, Capri Holdings; Andrew Graceffa, SOCOTEC; Florence Reed, Director of Sustainable Harvest International; Ilya Meltser, PID Floors VP Sales Operations; Susan Kaplan, HLW; Karen Asprea, Designer and Owner of Karen Asprea Studio; Joel B. Cutler, attorney; Josh Hosen, Capital Testing; and Tom Kain, FSC.

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