Footprints Floors, the 150-plus-unit flooring installation franchise, recently launched a charitable initiative called the First Fruits Fund, pledging 25% of its profits to a variety of family-based organizations that assist with orphan prevention, foster care and adoption, and care for single mothers.

One of these organizations is World Orphans, whose mission is to try and keep families together by providing streams of income to caregivers in extreme poverty.

World Orphans has established several co-ops and artisan programs in Guatemala that provide sewing classes, cooking classes, and basic business training to equip caretakers with vital skills to provide for their families. These women create one-of-a-kind handmade items which can be purchased online, and companies can even work directly with World Orphans for custom orders.

Recently, Footprints Floors placed a large custom leatherwork order, which encouraged the co-op to order four new sewing machines and one new leather etching machine, expanding its offerings and opportunities for those attending the classes.

The impact of these classes is seen in the stories of the women attending them. Lesley started attending classes regularly and is now leader of the co-op. She is now able to spend more time with her family and earn more than she ever would have otherwise. Since joining the co-op, she has been put in charge of finances and leather purchasing and has even been offered a full-time position with World Orphans.

“There are many great organizations doing good work, we are honored that Footprints Floors has chosen to come alongside World Orphans and our efforts to empower families," said Scott Vair, president and CO of World Orphans. "Partnering with Footprints Floors has been significant as it models compassionate giving and provides a platform for awareness of the needs some of the world’s most vulnerable face. Their purchase of computer bags from our artisans in Guatemala was a catalyst to expansion in our program when we needed it most, we are genuinely grateful. We look forward to our growing partnership as we work together to care for those in need.”