CFL launches AtroGuard Q, a patent-pending laminate floor that features water resistance and is six times quieter than traditional laminate floors. See the innovation at booth 3225 at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

CFL first launched water-resistant laminate in 2013. AtroGuard Q's combine water resistance, scratch resistance and sound-abating qualities make it possible to use in commercial applications. 

“Laminate flooring is an industry with very little innovation the last years," said Thomas Baert, founder and president of CFL Flooring. "The reason why laminate flooring has so little innovation is that the products are limited to big producers who focus on manufacturing efficiency, automation leading to cost reduction. At CFL we see this differently, we think and focus on what customers want. This customer-centricity has resulted in bringing laminate to a totally different level.” 

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