Broadlume, a technology provider to the flooring industry, and Hallmark Floors have developed a digital program that simplifies shoppers' online journey with an e-commerce sample program. 

The program creates the ability to text with shoppers who are on retailer’s websites and combines it with an in-store visualization experience that is proven to reduce the sales cycle, increase customer satisfaction, and referrals. This partnership will help retailers increase online visibility, attract more customers, and drive more sales.

"We’ve already seen the massive impact our integrated platform delivers for retailers, with thousands of shoppers visualizing their products, then ordering samples, and ending up in their retailers' showrooms," said Broadlume CEO John Weller. "Partnerships like this are proof that through technology, the brands and retailers who built this industry, will be able to compete and win against the box stores well in the digital future."

Hallmark Floors together with Broadlume will provide consumers with the ability to visualize products from Hallmark's vast catalog, order samples, and connect them with their local retailer. The partnership will be available to retailers in the United States and Canada. 

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