Mohawk is charging towards a better tomorrow. Announced today at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, Mohawk is partnering with Rhinory on a life-sized marketing campaign for SmartStrand that is tied to a big cause. 

“We are looking at this partnership as an opportunity to bring the rhino back,” said Kelli Widdifield, Mohawk’s senior vice president of marketing. “Not only as a marketing initiative for our retail partners to demonstrate the sustainability, durability and cleanability of our product, but we are also literally helping bring the rhino back from a path toward extinction.”

Since 2008, more than 11,000 rhinos have been poached in Africa. To change the narrative and provide these animals with the care, attention and safety they deserve, Craig Stevens and his wife Chesney Castleberry opened Rhinory in the Hill Country of Texas in 2022. 

“Rhinory combines the concepts of a rhino farm and a winery,” explained Stevens. “Visitors can experience rhinos in an environment much more personal than a zoo, drink world-class wines in a beautiful setting and help rhino conservation while doing it.”

The 55-acre ranch is home to the rhino Blake. Weighing a staggering 4,000 pounds, Blake loves attention and is living his best life at Rhinory. Blake’s living quarters will soon feature the softest, most durable carpet on the market, specifically a style from Mohawk’s new SmartStrand Color Wall.

After Blake goes toe to toe with the unprecedented capabilities of SmartStrand with All Pet, Mohawk will clean up and show side by side comparisons. The assets from this challenge, along with ideas for live wine demos, will be included in POP kits for retailers and will coincide with a multi-year campaign that includes online, social and in-store activations – all leading to a newly built website where visitors can learn more about the performance of SmartStrand and how they can support the cause.

“For us, this campaign is all about authenticity,” said Widdifield. “It is about conservation and doing something good in the world. We are excited to help bring even more rhinos to Rhinory and bring the rhino back for SmartStrand.”  

For information about SmartStrand and Mohawk’s partnership with Rhinory, visit