Mohawk Flooring reports its life-sized marketing campaign for SmartStrand carpet is charging towards kick-off. The team has installed SmartStrand with All Pet carpet at Rhinory, a rhino sanctuary and winery, in Texas.

If you missed the announcement at Surfaces, Mohawk is helping to bring back the rhino in partnership with @Rhinory. The 55-acre ranch is home to the rhino Blake. Weighing 4,000 pounds, Blake loves attention and is living his best life at Rhinory. Blake’s living quarters now feature SmartStrand All Pet carpet. 

Since 2008, more than 11,000 rhinos have been poached in Africa. To change the narrative and provide these animals with the care and safety they deserve, Craig Stevens and his wife Chesney Castleberry opened Rhinory in the Hill Country of Texas in 2022. 

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