Pergo Extreme is expanding its portfolio with 16 new introductions and advancing its existing waterproof warranty by adding WetProtect technology to every product across all three performance tiers, Originals, Preferred and Ultra. 

“Pergo Extreme bolsters bold performance, so adding complete waterproof protection to all three performance tiers is the natural next step,” said Adam Ward, Mohawk’s vice president of product management, resilient. “WetProtect offers the right kind of waterproof for uncompromising performance that results in fewer customer claims, keeping retailers and their customers happy.”

WetProtect technology is a waterproof system that delivers the ultimate protection. As the only waterproof flooring system in the industry that comes with a standard lifetime subfloor warranty, WetProtect features water-tight joints that prevent subfloor damage and a unique waterproof finish that traps moisture on the surface. 

In addition to WetProtect, Pergo Extreme also offers new GenuEdge bevel technology – giving each plank a pillowed wrapping effect that more authentically emulates the look of true hardwood. Products in the Preferred and Ultra performance tiers are also enhanced with CleanProtect for antimicrobial-protected flooring – perfect for those who live boldly on their floors but value a clean home.

Created with an innovative layered system and a rigid SPC core, Pergo Extreme provides uncompromising performance and unmatched dimensional stability, making it 100 percent dent proof, pet proof, kid proof and waterproof. Pergo Extreme offers an industry-leading warranty that promises resistance against pet scratches, delivering on the Pergo performance promise. 

The Pergo Extreme line coordinates with Performance Accessories products, offering innovative, multifunctional transitions that are color-coordinated for retailers to sell a complete flooring package in one purchase.

To support the wide array of products, Pergo Extreme will be launching a new display to offer greater value per square foot for maximum efficiency and productivity. The modular display is designed to work hand in hand with the Pergo Elements display, creating a Pergo destination that highlights nearly 100 bold wood and LVT styles.

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