Karastan and Godfrey Hirst are innovating the soft surface category with new Xtra Technology. Seen across this year’s Karastan Kashmere and Godfrey Hirst EverLux introductions, Xtra combines the best, most exclusive fibers to provide endless design possibilities for next level fashion and performance. 

“As leading soft surface luxury brands, Karastan and Godfrey Hirst are constantly updated with on-trend designs,” said Denise Silbert, vice president of soft surface marketing. “We are able to offer something completely exclusive to our customers with Xtra collection styles that include Triexta content and appeal to a wider range of consumers who are looking for long-lasting beauty.”

Xtra collections feature elevated styles with unique patterns, colorations and comfort that can only be achieved with proprietary yarn systems. 

“Using these building blocks allows us to deliver true innovation in design and performance that is unmatched,” said Silbert.

All Xtra collection styles are backed by All Pet Protection and Warranty, covering all pets, all accidents, all the time.

“We take pride knowing that we are designing carpets that are not only luxurious but also bring the most advanced performance technologies to the market,” said Jason Randolph, senior vice president of sales, Karastan and Godfrey Hirst. “Xtra allows us to provide our specialty retail partners with differentiated solutions they cannot get from any other manufacturer to connect with more consumers and provide an undeniable product that exceeds beauty and durability expectations.” 

For more information on Karastan Kashmere with Xtra products, visit Karastan.com. To discover Godfrey Hirst EverLux Xtra products, go to GodfreyHirst.com/NA