Metroflor Corporation announced that it has made available three new product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for five of its commercial product lines: Metroflor LVT Déjà New Dryback, Metroflor LVT Over the Top Loose Lay, Déjà New with Attraxion Magnetic Technology, Metroforms with Magnetic Attraxion Technology, and Genesis 20 mil WPC collections. These new EPDs have been published by SCS Global Services, an EPD program operator, in its Green Products Guide for Metroflor’s certified flooring products spanning traditional gluedown, loose lay, magnetic, and rigid core formats. All products in these collections come with a 20mil wear layer and are thus suitable for commercial applications. 

These EPDs are third-party verified to ensure accuracy and transparency. “As we put more emphasis on creating products that are applicable to commercial environments, documentations such as EPDs are paramount. Architects, designers, and end users rely on product selection databases such as mindful materials and Ecomedes that provide filters to select specific attributes pertaining to sustainability," said Russ Rogg, President of Metroflor. "Having EPDs for these products makes them more likely to be chosen for a project versus alternatives without such validation, creating a competitive advantage in the commercial marketplace.”

“Environmental Product Declarations are how we measure the impacts that our products have on the environment. From there, we can determine the most viable means of reducing or mitigating those impacts - such as embodied carbon. Metroflor will soon be offering several carbon-neutral product lines, which would not be possible without the data provided by the lifecycle assessments that lie at the heart of EPDs," said Arthur Clarke, HMTX’s Director of Sustainability & Impact.

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