Bjelin’s latest hardened wood range, featuring the new and award-winning matte finish, has been released in a Select grading. Earlier this year, the company launched new products with updated and improved colors, formats and technologies. The clean and harmonious Select grading in the hardened oak range is the latest launch in the US. 

A grading, which refers to the variation in the floor’s appearance, is down to personal taste and a customer’s aesthetic preferences. The Select grading is a breathtaking option for those seeking a harmonious and soothing atmosphere. It features some color variations and fewer whole knots. For a modern and contemporary home, this minimalist option is ideal, evoking a sense of peacefulness, refinement and elegance.

The colors available in the Select grading are Powder White, Misty White, Earth Grey, Natural, Honey and the new Terra Brown shade. The deep brown is a classic and sophisticated complement to the existing light whites, greys and natural wood colors.

“We’re excited to widen our offering,” said Zach Adams, Bjelin’s General Manager for the US. “The Select grading is a popular choice in Scandinavia due to its clean and uncluttered appearance. We’re committed to excellence and delivering the ultimate flooring experience and believe this addition will be successful in the US market.”

Bjelin’s hardened wood flooring range is empowered by the ground-breaking technologies, Woodura and 5G Dry, developed by sister company Välinge Innovation. Woodura is a surface technology that ensures the floors are three times stronger than engineered wood floors while only a tenth of wood is needed, making this a more sustainable option.  

The leakproof 5G Dry floor locking system ensures a fast, easy, and durable installation without glue or nails. A watertight joint prevents water from seeping through the panels and damaging the subfloor, making these floors truly long-lasting.  

Bjelin looks forward to sharing more news as the company continues to grow its business.