Cali, the omni-channel flooring brand, is expanding its popular luxury vinyl collection, Legends, with four, fresh colors. The new shades draw from shoreline influences with smooth driftwood grains and light, easy-going hues.    

  • Driftwood Shore
    Beachy planks bring warm, tan color and a classic wood grain 
  • Oyster Isle
    Planks host a range of sand tones with a salt-scrubbed wood grain  
  • South Wind Oak
    Balmy color and warm undertones give rooms a sunset glow  
  • Catamaran
    Planks are grounded in tawny, wheat color and a weathered grain 

To hold a Cali Vinyl Legends plank is to understand its value. Boards measure 60” long by 9” wide and ½” thick. The broader, longer dimensions make for more open-feeling, expansive rooms, but it is the sturdy WPC core and full half inch thickness that truly sets Legends apart. A thicker floor better mimics hardwood and negates the need to change or cut existing baseboards and door jambs when replacing carpet, tile, or traditional wood. 

Each plank is lined with an acoustic pad for boosted sound and thermal insulation. This attached underlayment allows for quieter, more comfortable rooms. Like all CALI Vinyl collections, Legends is click-lock and 100% waterproof for easy installation in any room without the need for glue or nails. A 20-mil pet-friendly wear layer makes for easy cleaning and better protection against scratches. Planks are also FloorScore certified and backed by a 50-year residential and 15-year commercial warranty. 

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