Mirage Hardwood Floors announces the addition of its new TruBalance Lite technology and introduces its latest collection: Muse.

TruBalance Lite is a thinner version of the prominent TruBalance technology that features a unique core technology of real wood lamella over a locally sourced SPF core layer. It presents multiple benefits, including ease of installation, peace of mind and affordability. Each board comprises a 3/32" sawn hardwood lamella over a 3/8" SPF core layer and a 1/16" wood backing veneer. Suitable for 1/2" installations, TruBalance Lite offers an ideal floorboard thickness for combining hardwood floors with tiles and other flooring materials.

Mirage TruBalance Lite can be nailed, stapled, glued or floated, over a wood or concrete subfloor. It can be used on, above, and below grade, including over a radiant heat system. This technology is available in 5" and 7" widths with DuraMatt finish in the new Muse Collection.

In addition to launching this new technology, Mirage Floors also presents its new Muse Collection, an ode to amazing women throughout history who are remarkable for their outstanding achievements. The important work accomplished by these women continues to influence today’s world. The colors in this collection have been designed to bridge the past and the present by enabling the combination of traditional and contemporary styles that emphasize harmony and balance between the old and new, classic and modern.

The Muse Collection offers eight neutral colors in White Oak Character Brushed: Ada, Amelia, Eleanor, Grace, Hattie, Ingrid, Maud and Rachel. Its products are available in TruBalance Lite technology, in 5 and 7” widths with a DuraMatt finish.

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