Aquafil USA, a manufacturer of synthetic fibers in Cartersville, Georgia, donated $20,000 in audio and video technology to Cartersville High School. The donation will help students produce campus-based shows and community-focused features in a professional green room. 

The Cartersville High School AV pathway provides students with experience in a high-wage, high-demand career field, as well as transferrable skills to a wide range of industries. With the thriving film industry in Georgia and the importance of embedded film opportunities in industrial settings, students can use this skillset and the experience gained to get a job right out of high school or extend their learning in college. The donation from Aquafil is intended to provide students the opportunity to foster their creativity, critical thinking, technical skills and help them build a foundation for their future careers.  

“Over the past 15 years, Aquafil has been an unwavering supporter of the Cartersville education system,” says Rob Rebello, Executive Vice President of Operations for Aquafil USA. “We take great pride in our past contributions in establishing a STEM Lab and the National Honor Society at Cartersville Elementary School. Our most recent donation serves as a testament to our continued dedication to fostering excellence in education and enriching our community through high school initiatives. We look forward to future opportunities to further enhance and support the outstanding community where we work and reside.” 

Tyler Putnam, who has taught the award-winning AV pathway for the past seven years, believes this opportunity will provide students with a unique experience: 

The new production space will include professional teleprompters and related software, new studio cameras, and an interview area with a newsroom-style desk along with other professional grade equipment. Our plan to produce a live studio show called Hurricane Nation, covering general news from the school and the district as well as deep dives into other student-related activities, is the first project on a long list of possibilities. Aquafil is helping us achieve our goal of providing students with dynamic, exceptional learning opportunities and options.

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