The emergency and crisis stabilization shelter offers a transitional housing program for young people ages 18 to 24 who are experiencing or at risk for homelessness. The Way Station offers many supportive services such as trauma-informed care and counseling; education through traditional schooling or GED; life, job, and housing skills; financial empowerment classes; vocation/career training; and more as they navigate their way to successful adulthood. Residents may stay for up to two years. 

A recent renovation called for a durable resilient product that would stand up to heavy foot traffic and be easy to maintain. Lisa McClure, interior designer at LCS Designs in Birmingham, Alabama, recommended Metroflor Déjà New LVT. 

PROJECT: The Way Station, Birmingham, Alabama

DESIGNER: Lisa McClure, LCS Designs, Birmingham, Alabama

DISTRIBUTOR: William M. Bird

FLOORING USED: 6,675 sq. ft. Déjà New - San Marcos Oak: Flint Grey - DN1445108

“I was happy to see that when I did a scratch test with a sharp end of a paperclip, you could not see any marks on the sample,” said Lisa McClure, interior designers at LCS Designs in Birmingham, Alabama. “This is excellent because we all know that people will drag chairs, tables, et cetera. The durability and color options sold me on this product, and I will certainly specify it again in the future.”

Debbie Deason, commercial territory manager, William M. Bird Commercial, said that the specification for the Metroflor Déjà New LVT switched from 5 mm product because The Way Station needed to save some money. However, the customer still wanted flush transitions to the adjacent carpeted areas. They used a subfloor leveler from Roppe to attain flush transitions and saved them money

“There’s even a rectangular seating area that has a carpet inset where this was done, and it looks great!” Deason added. 

“The Metroflor Déjà New flooring chosen for the Way Station is the perfect combination of form, fashion, and functionality,” said Caroline Bundy, operations manager at The Way Station. “The color is so attractive and home-like and combined with the durability made this an easy decision for us, and we are so happy we chose this flooring.”