Fila releases a water-based high performance penetrating sealer, MP90 Eco Plus. It seals and protects all natural stone, engineered quartz, polished porcelain tile and grout against stains.

The benefits of MP90 Eco Plus are:

  • It's water and stain repellent.
  • It’s water based. That means it doesn’t emit harmful fumes, making it perfect for indoor applications where ventilation is limited. Find out more about water based sealers here.
  • It’s quick drying. Apply MP90 Eco Plus in the morning and walk on the surface 4 hours after application. It reaches full performance in 8 hours.
  • It’s eco-friendly. State-of-the-art raw materials guarantee the highest performance while creating low environmental impact.
  • It’s hygienic. The protection fills the micropores and eliminates the nesting place for odor causing and staining germs and bacteria.
  • It’s UV resistant and non-yellowing.
  • It saves you time and money. Protected surfaces reduce maintenance, restoration and reinstallation costs over time.