When the construction of a new beachfront estate was being designed for a high-end residential neighborhood at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California, a comprehensive flooring system was an integral part of the vision. For a home featuring an impressive array of modern features and luxuries, the flooring had to match the performance, sustainability and aesthetic appeal that would be evident throughout the rest of the property. Subfloor preparation, moisture mitigation, sound control and adhesion were all necessary elements of a wood flooring installation spanning over 8,000 square feet that needed to be brought to life speedily and securely. 

The project was spearheaded by the experienced installation team of Zavala’s Hardwood Floors. Contractor Manuel Zavala, who has been installing wood flooring in the California area for over twenty years after learning the trade from his father, led a crew of eight installers for the job in the Fall of 2023. 

Having previously used the Sika Secure System in similar Newport Coast residential projects that proved to be long-term successes, the team chose to use these products for their high level of versatility to meet the high expectations of the end-user and deliver peace of mind. 

By the time Zavala and his team joined the project, only a gypcrete subfloor was in place in the areas where wood flooring was to be put down. The crew began by ensuring the gypcrete was clean, dry and free of any debris or imperfections. To further prepare the subfloor and best promote the wood floor bonding, they then applied the first part of the system – a one-component, rapid-drying moisture barrier from Sika. Consisting of a polyurethane resin, the moisture barrier serves as a mitigation system, substrate solidifier and an adhesion promoter. 

While two-part epoxy solutions that require precise mixing have been prominent for many years in the industry, this one-component roll-on technology is a new evolution for moisture barriers. With a dry time under one hour, they were able to apply it effortlessly with a nap roller. In two coats, they achieved moisture limitations of 96% per the relative humidity test and 18 lbs. per the calcium chloride test. Moreover, the moisture barrier features a solvent-free and low VOC formula allowing for an environmentally-friendly installation even in California, which features some of the most stringent sustainability requirements in the country. 

Directly over the two layers of the moisture barrier, the second piece of the system to be applied was one of Sika’s all-in-one, premium grade urethane wood flooring adhesives. This single-component adhesive provides additional moisture control attributes, crack suppression, and is specially developed to handle long and wide plank wood flooring. Its formula offers excellent green grab, easy cleanability and same-day installation capabilities. Since the adhesive was produced by the same supplier as the moisture barrier, both solutions are formulated to perform at the highest level in tandem. 

Due to the versatility of both products, Zavala and his team were able to apply two different types of wood flooring with equal ease to generate a visually appealing finished look throughout the different areas of the home. Certain sections of the project featured modern parquet flooring, while a 10” wide and ¾” thick plank was installed elsewhere without demanding any differences or complexities in the installation process. The entirety of the 8,000 square feet was installed securely within two weeks, allowing for another comfortable two weeks of sanding and finishing without any delays or missed deadlines. 

Ultimately, the installers were able to deliver everything the end-user was looking for with a combination of just two solutions. Having worked with Sika for many years, Zavala’s team knew this would allow them to meet expectations without cutting any corners or going over budget. Most importantly, the finished result excited the end-user as the perfect foundation for their eye-catching estate.