Bostik, Inc., presents Roll-Cote, a high-performance, moisture vapor barrier coating and primer; formulated to minimize moisture emissions coming from substrates. It also functions as a primer, to be applied prior to application of self-leveling underlayments and tile adhesives.

Roll-Cote provides unlimited moisture protection on tile applications, which becomes more important as tiles continue to get larger and larger, to prevent efflorescence and moisture issues in tile floor applications.  It offers a robust warranty with solutions from each of Bostik's flooring product families: Hardwood, Resilient, Surface Preparation and Tiling products. Additionally, it blocks alkalinity and can be used on both concrete and wood substrates.  Roll-Cote is CDPH compliant for low VOC and has been formulated to be Red-List Free. Its black color provides a strong visual, indicating area coverage and site-contamination.