On the Designing Spaces episode “Designing Spaces of Hope: Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking,” several companies came together to transform one of Wellspring Living’s Atlanta-based residential facilities where survivors of human trafficking are offered comprehensive recovery services. Among the companies donating products and services was Mohawk Flooring. Mohawk donated all of the flooring materials and Atlanta Flooring Design Centers covered the installation services.  

“Wellspring Living provides trauma-informed care to survivors of domestic sex trafficking and those at risk with physical and emotional restoration through residential programs, community-based programs and post-program support,” said Deana Montgomery, Wellspring Living’s program director of the women’s residential program. “The focus for each participant is on developing their courage to move forward and their confidence to succeed. We appreciate partners like Mohawk that have come in to refresh our space, so we can create a more comfortable environment to care for all the women that walk through our doors.”

Wellspring Living opened the home to its residents in 2006. According to Barbara Giuliano, director of operations, Wellspring Living, the floors in the home were there when she arrived, nearly eight years ago, and were showing a great deal of wear and tear then. Over 7,000 square feet were replaced with Mohawk’s SolidTech Premier with Signature HDX technology on the main level and SolidTech Plus in the basement and top floor.  

According to Nik Burdette, general manager, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, A.G.E. Construction was subcontracted to perform the demolition and the labor for the flooring installation. 

“Atlanta Flooring Design has been a partner to Wellspring Living since at least 2016,” said Giuliano. “As part of our partnership, they have provided discounted or free products and services for flooring installations at our Women's Residential Program in Duluth and our Village campus in South Fulton County. That includes providing the new flooring that was installed at the Women's Residential Program as part of the Designing Spaces television special on Lifetime TV.”  

The women’s residence is a three-level home. The walk-out basement contains a therapy office, additional office space, art room, exercise space, laundry room, prayer room, storage, bathroom and a “blessings closet” which is filled with toiletries, makeup and other necessary items for the residents. There are nine bedrooms that sleep 16 people, three community rooms, bathrooms, more office space, a full-size kitchen as well as a half kitchen. The top floor has a special space. Besides hosting more offices and storage, it provides the women with a boutique where they can shop for clothing and accessories.  

“It's a beautiful boutique that has shoes and all different types of clothing and jewelry, so they essentially feel like they're shopping when they walk in,” said Giuliano.

In order to complete the project, the installation was spread out over multiple phases. This allowed the residents ample time to prepare to be uprooted. Guiliano said the logistics and communication required a great deal of coordination.  

“We have a highly secure campus, and it requires that anybody that visits, including contractors, fill out a waiver and a confidentiality agreement ahead of time,” said Guiliano. “We ask that they always give a heads up when they're coming. They can't just move freely throughout the home. We want to coordinate their movements, and they agreed to those terms and were very respectful in staying in the spots where they said they were going to be.” 

“[A.G.E. Construction] did a tremendous job,” said Burdett. “Mohawk has been great to work with. Kudos to them for stepping up. The appearance and look of it was tremendous, and the durability of it across the board was fantastic.” 

The new flooring offered a much lighter look and feel, providing a more updated aesthetic. “Now, you’ve got this beautiful, airy, light, natural new space—it really changes the look of the whole place,” said Adam Ward, vice president product management—resilient, Mohawk. “This floor gives the look and feel of real hardwood without all the expense and maintenance that comes with hardwood.” 

Burdett feels that having the opportunity to give back to your local community is critical. “I think we’ve been blessed both by the community that’s embraced us for 39 years as well as our employees,” he said. “You don’t necessarily do it for the payback, but you receive many times over the gifts that you give by just doing the right thing.”  

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